Large historic villa near Bologna

Large historic villa near Bologna

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Crespellano, Via Madre Teresa di Calcutta

An exceptional country house a few kilometres from Bologna, this building looks like an imposing three-storey square building plus basement. Built at the end of the 16th century, as indicated by the typical pincer staircase of the southern facade, it was then enriched in the Napoleonic era by the elegant portico with neoclassical columns on the north side.

It is surrounded by outbuildings in a 3-hectare park full of centuries-old trees and high-quality tree plants, designed in a complex style that combines romantic composition (closed composition) with a landscape design of wide views ( perspectives and open view on the plain and on the hill) in an east-west and north-south direction.

Many rooms of the villa show decorative motifs dated around 1830, salons enriched with important frescoes that can be the setting for corporate meetings, cultural events, or for receptions of various sort.

The outbuildings:

The stable is a vast two-storey square annex entirely restored, with a 180 sqm ground floor and a 200 sqm first floor, as well as a 230 sqm attic. It is enriched by wooden pillars with bridle irons, ladles, feeders, terracotta watering and sandstone. The ground floor is completely covered in river planie. In the large "camerone" room connected to the back of the garden, the walls and ceilings have beautiful framings. In the well room there are beautiful decorated panels showing supports for the saddles of horses that enrich the vaulted environment. An intact and very rare ancient laundry room with stone and terracotta "fornacella" tubs is a splendid example of 18th-century architecture.

The "ghiacciaia" building, called the "conservation hill" because in the past it was used as food storage area, is the highest spot within the park, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the hill of the Guardia on which the Basilica stands. It is a stone-covered domed structure that is accessed through a steep staircase.

The 18th-century Gentilizia chapel, traces of which were found as early as 1817 in "Parish Churches of the Diocese of Bologna". There are also an aviary and a pheasant house.

This complex, combined with its large park, so well preserved and together with the outbuildings that it includes, a few kilometers from Bologna, proves itself to be the perfect spot for multiple uses: private residence, hotel, show room, guesthouse, events. It is an opportunity of great value in a strategic position in the center of Italy.