The Aragonese castle in Comiso

The Aragonese castle in Comiso

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Comiso, piazza san Biagio

Naselli D'Aragona Castle is located in the city centre of Comiso and is a stately fortified home. In documents from the 13th to 14th centuries, the Castle of Comiso was mentioned in a document signed by King Martin and it describes the Castle as "cum aliis fortiliciis et edificis" so even before the end of the '300 Comiso was surrounded by solid walls throughout the perimeter, and had towers and castle with moat in front. The ancient part of the castle is the Baptistry dedicated to St. Gregory Magno, where frescos of the Byzantine epoch are represented, likely dating back to year one thousand, is one of the nine chapels dedicated to the Saint here in Sicily. According to some historians, it seems that the baptist has much older origins, they believe that it is an Arab "Cuba". The earthquake of 1693 caused much of the castle to collapse with the exception of the Tower. Restoration works continued until the early 1700s, but the transformation to the stately palace took place when I arrived to visit and dwell for some time with all its entourage, Vice-King Christopher Fernandez de Cordova. The northern part of the castle is characterized by an elegant Trifora or Serliana with a sixteenth-century flavor that presents the two walls frescoed with landscapes and flights of birds; it was added to the Castle in 1728 by the Genoese Michelangelo Canepa. At the time of the Bourbons it remained abandoned until 1841, a part of it was transformed into a theatre, passed later to the municipality and the lower part was transformed into a mandatory prison. Nowadays the Castle is owned by an ancient noble family, which currently inhabits it.

The original four bedrooms have now expanded the salons that are used in the modern era for events. The kitchen and two bathrooms are still present on the first floor of the castle, accessed by an original Comiso stone staircase. The family has created a modern apartment on the ground floor of the building, where there are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen with laundry and a living room.