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Ancient castle on the hills of Emilia Romagna

Ancient castle on the hills of Emilia Romagna

галерея (37) карта
Модена, Viale Delle Rimembranze
3 450 000 €
Ванные комнаты
площадь м2
Внешняя территория м2

This majestic castle is located in a dominant position, within an important historical site. The original layout, of ancient origins, probably dating back to the 16th century, was renovated in the mid-1800s with the construction of the second floor and the addition of the eastern part; the date "B. P. F. - 1843" remains on the pavement. It has a quadrangular plan, on three levels, closed by four characteristic cylindrical corner turrets with a gutter-shaped frame taken in the entire perimeter of the building. A large central double-height passing hall, with a painted wooden balcony and a painted coffered ceiling equipped with a grotesque frieze and landscaped inserts, of clear fifteenth-century taste, characterizes the most important part of the ground floor. In the early 19th century the plan of the castle doubled its size. The castle consists of 3 floors above ground and a basement floor. The basement is connected to the upper floor by a spiral staircase located south-west in a corner tower. Two tunnels on the north and south fronts serve as access from the outside. The large hall on the ground floor divides an area to the east with kitchen, living room and services, an area to the west with kitchen, dining area, toilets, and a study. On the first floor, there are two bedrooms and a sitting room with toilets in the east and west wings respectively. On the second floor (attic) a large living room divides areas with bedrooms, wardrobes and toilets to the east and west. The garden, one of the most interesting in Emilia for the delicate balance between vegetation and architecture, shows the indisputable characteristics of an "Italian" garden: it is characterized by two large brick basins, once dedicated to the collection of water. Next to the Italian garden, another opens with a wonderful infinity pool and views of the splendid and ancient olive groves and vineyards that characterize the gentle hills of Emilia Romagna

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