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Historic villa 20km from the sea

Historic villa 20km from the sea

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A historic residential complex dating back to 1092 between Bologna and the sea, just outside the historic center of Imola. Located in a small town found on the Via Emilia in a strategic position and known for the homonymous Formula 1 Grand Prix. This ancient noble residence, originally of the late Middle Ages, began its architectural transformation in 1784, date which the main building and the ancient church, still consecrated, decorated by Succi and set inside the main villa, were enlarged. The structure was revisited again between 1808 and 1835, it was further embellished by the current owner, who expanded the garden, taking care of and enhancing the splendid ancient trees and the rose garden. This magnificent estate is made up of a partially restored and habitable main villa which extends over 3 floors for a surface area of​​approximately 1270 m2, as well as an internal courtyard and the church, directly connected to the residence itself. A farmhouse to be completely revised extending over an area of ​​140 square meters, from a barn of 70 square meters adjacent to a greenhouse of about 40 square meters. It also includes a stable with an additional 80 square meters, a small building used as an animal shelter (former pigsty) of 25 m2 and a warehouse of 90 m2 adjacent to the villa used as a warehouse for furniture and tools from which it is possible to create a two-storey house, as well as a delightful Guest House. The house was built in 1920 and graced by the typical Liberty architectural details, completely renovated and arranged on two floors for a total area of ​​220 square meters. The property includes further out buildings for storage use, an oven and is characterized by the presence of a lake intended for the expansion of the cultivated land surrounding the property for irrigation use which, if desired, can be purchased with the same. The park surrounding the property and an integral part of the offer extends for about 1.3 ha while it is possible to purchase vineyards (Chardonnay and Trebbiano production) which extend for 2.3 hectares and land for arable use, currently rented , which extend for a further 18 hectares (vineyards and land are sold separately). The building complex has two driveways that lead directly onto the Via Emilia.

Imola, Via Emilia Levante
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