Old Farmhouse in the countryside near Turin

Old Farmhouse in the countryside near Turin

галерея (17) карта
Chieri, Strada del Passatempo
550 000 €
Ванные комнаты
Внутренняя площадь м2
Сельский дом

The Cascina del Passatempo is located along the road leading from Madonna della Scala to Pecetto and it is part of the complex of the prestigious Villa del Passatempo. This villa was built around 1685 and it was one of the last works of count Amedeo di Castellamonte, architect of the Ducal House. The complex of the farmhouse, of about 1500 sqm, is located a few hundred metres away from the villa and it is surrounded by approximately 4 ha of land. The property, to be completely restructured, consists of a large L-shaped body and two buildings of more modest dimensions. The L-shaped body includes a house, a stable, a barn and a long canopy. The two buildings of more modest dimensions are: a house on a square plan with three floors above ground and another small canopy. The oldest building, the farmhouse itself, is distributed over two floors and overlooks the court, while the opposing facades overlook the fields. The square plan house, also it of more ancient construction, has internally a brick oven with a dome.

The entire volume can be recovered thanks to the regional law n°9 of April 29th 2003 related to the recovery of rustics through Planning Permission. An existing project sapiently illustrates the feasibility.

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