Amazing 600sqm turn-key boutique hotel in the heart of town

Amazing 600sqm turn-key boutique hotel in the heart of town

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Флоренция, Piazza dei Giudici
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Splendid boutique hotel with 8 suites, whose stylistic choices during the recent renovation took into account the history of the building and highlighted the beauty of everything that could be recovered. Each room is equipped with hidden air conditioning, marble and crystal bathrooms, and each floor's plants are fit to convert the building into a residential one and create 3 independent apartments.

Each floor is served by a lift and the entire ground floor has a food and beverage license, as well as a land occupancy permit that allows for a small open-air bar. In the basement lie offices and service rooms.

The long and meticulous renovation and the great taste with which this was carried out make this building of the very few truly turnkey properties in its category and, given the plant engineering and the multipurpose floor plan (with the possibility of separations, additional kitchens, elevators double door) it is suitable - with very few interventions - for an excellent residential use.

Unique opportunity on the Florentine market.

Услуги и особенности
лифт · кондиционер  · винный погреб · бильярдный зал
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