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Indigo Hill Villa

Virgin Gorda, Virgin Islands, British
$ 700,000


  • Indirizzo: Virgin Gorda
  • Prezzo: $ 700,000
  • Camere: 2
  • Bagni: 3
  • Tipologia: single family detached
  • Riferimento: ykr9jj


Hiding among tamarind trees and jasmine bushes,on the way to Crooks Bay, is a marvel Indigo Hill Villa.
Up an unsuspecting road,and into a pink and purple gate,you will enter a Wonderland. A small property with the very best the British Virgin Islands could offer.
Our house with,it’s small cottage and secret pool will delight you from first glance.Walk up the simple front steps of the pink main house,open the louvered doors and you will never,ever forget that sight.
The Main House consist of 1 Bedroom 1 and half Bathroom with large kitchen, dining and living room which leads to a large veranda which provides a panoramic sea view.
The Cottage consist of 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom with kitchenette.
With the company of giant Virgin Gorda boulders,the easily managed gardens, the simple layout and the necessities of life,are all there.You would hardly have to leave,ever.