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A treasure near Vilnius

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis
€ 399,000


  • Indirizzo: Vilnius
  • Prezzo: € 399,000
  • Camere: 3
  • Tipologia: other residential
  • Riferimento: nttbsm


A unique, perfectly situated land-plot with a cozy classical house just ~20 km from Vilnius! (Reva, Nemencine, Vilnius region) A new, stylish wooden 180 sq.m house with tile-roof in an exclusive 5.76 hectares land-plot near Vilnius, with stunning views in all directions, especially facing South, where the river Neris creates its truly mesmerizing "S"-shaped turn by the ancient Reva mound dated back to approximately 1000 AD. The historically significant mound is under the State protection since 2005. About 180 meters of this majestic parcel goes along the beautiful river - a totally private, serene area, perfect for relaxation, fishing or swimming. The house is built from natural materials, its walls are made of unique solid wood, well-isolated from the exterior and carefully hand-polished in the interior. The building has quality windows and a floor heating system installation on its first floor that could be used with either a standard or geothermic heating system; Water and electricity are available. The house is situated on the most impressive place of this 5.76 hectares parcel, where 0.65 hectare is designated for construction and further development. The area is ideally surrounded by a beautiful forest, dominated by pines and birches, and is conveniently accessible all year round. It's just about 30-minutes' drive from Vilnius. It's a majestic piece of land of an exquisite beauty! In fact, it's one of the most impressive places by the river in the vicinity of Vilnius - the view of the winding Neris, surrounded by beautiful hills, is simply unforgetable. http://www.balticsothebysrealty.lt/en/find-a-property/MP00002/?page=2