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Bluffside Vieques Island Marvel

Vieques, Puerto Rico
$ 1,600,000


  • Indirizzo: Vieques
  • Prezzo: $ 1,600,000
  • Camere: 3
  • Bagni: 3
  • Tipologia: single family detached
  • Riferimento: 7ccftm


An eco-inspired estate, this “house of waterfalls” known as Casa Cascadas on Vieques Island, enjoys arguably one of the best views in all of the Caribbean. Sitting high on a 300-foot mountain ridge, the property boasts an impressive two-story structure, designed by architect John Hix, internationally esteemed for his brushed concrete architecture and eco-centered design elements. An open layout is characteristic of Casa Cascadas’ floor plan, making it difficult to draw the line between interior and exterior spaces. Following the Japanese Wabi-Sabi tradition, the structure builds on the home’s raw, bare feel. Tropical trade winds fill the house, resulting in a calming breeze year-round. A landscaped orchard consisting of star fruit, sea grape, and other exotic fruits accentuate the essence embodied by this home’s lifestyle. Commissioned artwork at every turn beautifies this already-spectacular space. From custom-sculpted waterfalls to trellised loggia, this property is sure to ignite all of your senses.