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Spyglass Hill House

Spyglass Hill, Virgin Islands, British
$ 570,000 € 460,792


  • Indirizzo: Spyglass Hill
  • Prezzo: € 460,792
  • Camere: 3
  • Bagni: 2
  • Tipologia: single family detached
  • Riferimento: 5v4hmj


Spyglass Hill is aptly named for its splendid vantage point from which to view many of the islands of the Sir Francis Drake's Channel. Ginger Island takes centre stage and almost feels like a garden ornament at the end of the lawn in front of the house. Comprising three bedrooms and 2 bathrooms this is a fairly typical Caribbean home. The U-shaped kitchen is more than adequate for the job but the beautiful outside view may distract the chef. Situated on 0.7 acres of land and a very well kept garden there is plenty of space around providing privacy and seclusion in a residential neighbourhood. There is even a garage, a feature not often found in the BVI. A well constructed house in a good location.