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Closer to the Harmony of Nature

Moletai, Utenos Apskritis
Trattativa riservata


  • Indirizzo: Moletai
  • Prezzo: Trattativa riservata
  • Camere: 26
  • Tipologia: mixed use
  • Riferimento: cw6w9n


The peacefulness of nature combined with comfort, subtle luxury and the neighbourhood friendly for an outstanding lifestyle will serve for bringing your new and interesting ideas into life. Belvilis Hotel - a perfect chance to get a dream! Belvilis Hotel represents the unity of mutually conducive modernity and the beauty of nature, offering the harmony of unique space, creativity, exclusive lifestyle, and recreation. Outstanding for its luxury and comfort, Belvilis Hotel has won the title of the best leisure and recreation project in Lithuania. This is the first and the only award of such a level granted to a country hotel. The excellent quality of services and available hydrotherapeutic procedures have won Belvilis SPA Hotel high value and favour in Lithuanian high society. Please contact for more information.