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Little Bay Land

Little Bay, Virgin Islands, British
$ 800,000 € 649,351


  • Indirizzo: Little Bay
  • Prezzo: € 649,351
  • Tipologia: land -single family acreage
  • Riferimento: dfxrwj


From the verdant green surroundings to the white sand beach and azure sea and sky, this location epitomises the Caribbean ideal. Away from it all, peace and quiet reign supreme at Little Bay. Not a popular beach because of its remote location, but definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in the BVI. The road is paved almost all the way and there is a gate to restrict access. All utilities are on the site. This has long been a popular destination for the lucky few that know of this little secret. Secluded and exclusive, Little Bay will one day become the “Mustique” of the British Virgin Islands