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Greenbanks Land

Greenbanks Estate, Virgin Islands, British
$ 350,000 € 282,737


  • Indirizzo: Greenbanks Estate
  • Prezzo: € 282,737
  • Tipologia: land -multi-family acreage
  • Riferimento: sw5qtw


Greenbanks Land also known as Mana Gardens is located in a lush tropical setting on the North side of Tortola overlooking Brewers Bay and the Atlantic Ocean Beyond. This long white sandy bay was the landing ground for indigo rum and sugar cargo ships between neighbouring Caribbean Islands and Europeans. The fairly intact ruins of a former rum distillery is carefully preserved on the property adjacent to this lovely estate land. The old donkey trails that traversed the hillside down to the calm nay below begin and end near this property so if one were adventurous you could forge the trail back through time and history enjoying the pineapple and mango fruits found along the way. This gently sloping land has a road cut into the back of the estate immediately off of a well paved estate road. Utilities for electricity are nearby and the views are breathtaking.