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Mesmerizing Island in Coron, Palawan

Coron, Palawan
$ 6,630,897


  • Indirizzo: Coron
  • Prezzo: $ 6,630,897
  • Tipologia: private island
  • Riferimento: y75gkx


This beautiful tropical paradise is located at the Southern tip of the Philippines, specifically in Northern Palawan within the South China Sea, 15.9 kilometers from the mainland. The island features lush rainforests with 80-meter elevations and 3.3 kilometers of coastline, including a world-class, crescent-shaped, continuous beach of 1.2 kilometers. The beach itself a sight to behold with its powdery-white sands nearly enveloping the entire coast. Crystalline waters complete the stunning vista and are home to a multitude of aquatic species. The combination of all these natural wonders make this island the ideal paradise getaway for those seeking heaven on earth. This secluded getaway provides a private owner with his personal natural playground, allowing him the privacy and freedom that is truly priceless. For hoteliers or developers, the island's natural beauty provides a solid foundation in creating anything they desire. Here are the key benefits of DAO ISLAND for those interested to create their dream resort property: 1) A turnkey advantage that will save the developer/operator 3 years of permit applications and local regulatory and compliance processes, 2) A clear property title suitable for land banking, commercial resort development, or for luxury private non-commercial use, 3) A robust international and local corporate group and one of the country's leading law firms specifically for foreign investment and foreign control of local property, 4) credible property due diligence information and ongoing consulting services, 5) environment and natural resources study: lands, forest lands, parks and wildlife, water resources, watershed, waste management, coastal management, ancestral domain, 6) Infrastructure study: economic support, social support, public administrative support, 7) Local government: community and indigenous people support. Included within the purchase price are: 1) Physical property (Dao Island), 2) An international and local corporate structure for operations and asset protection, 3) All documentation and rights associated with the property including Land Title and development permits linked to the sellers CONCEPTUAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN, 4) Consulting services for any final permits and/or investment incentives for the buyers FINAL DEVELOPMENT PLANS and, for general support for up to 6 months after the sale, 5) Consulting and support services for development issues and resort-operation issues linked to the buyers final development plan, 6) GOOD KARMA. This opportunity is designed to be both ecologically and socially responsible. This stunningly-breathtaking island which its unique geographical features, coupled with a logistically-foolproof package (complete documents, development studies, suggested project studies, etc.) make this a buyer's dream come true.