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Belmont Land 128

Belmont, Virgin Islands, British
$ 325,000 € 262,732


  • Indirizzo: Belmont
  • Prezzo: € 262,732
  • Tipologia: land -single family acreage
  • Riferimento: lzqpcp


Belmont Estate is a residential community situated on the north western section of Tortola, British Virgin Islands. The community is a mix of permanent residents, both local and expatriats, as well as part time residents. Approximately 150 parcels of land comprise the Estate. About 50 homes have been built. The community sits on the hillside along two of Tortola's finest beaches including, Long Bay and Smuggler's Cove. Because of the geography, most homes offer expansive ocean views. Many residences are also within walking distance of one or two beaches. As a result, Belmont Estate is one of the premiere vacation locations on Tortola with many owners offering their properties as rental villas in the months they are not present. Through the Estate, most homes have been constructed to blend into the natural terrain and much of the vegetation has been preserved. Many residences do not see neighboring homes as a result.