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A. de Togni 2 - Milan

In a central position, with countless places of historical interest nearby, this bespoke period building is located in the Magenta area of Milan, more precisely on the corner between Corso Magenta and A. de Togni streets. The property is under renovation, involving the transformation of the entire building into luxury residential apartments: the new units are going to be located on the upper floors, while the ground floor and partially the basement will be used as offices. The project will develop the building potential, in order to meet the needs and expectations of a sophisticated clientele.


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The history of the neighborhood

The Magenta district and the current Corso Magenta, were transformed into a prestigious area by Ludovico il Moro when he granted many building permits for the homes of the most trusted Sforza courtiers. From 1900, the bourgeoisie and the transformation of the Magenta area into a residential district contributed to the enhancement of the site, through architectural and artistic works of exceptional beauty.

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The project

The project work includes important internal renovations aimed at adapting the layouts to the new intended use and to the contemporary luxury lifestyle. In particular, the aim is to overcome architectural barriers, while allowing the separation of the main routes from the secondary ones.

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Our proposals

Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic engineering, innovative structures, with particular attention to spaces, to create elegant residential properties, which allow to combine modern style with the needs of a sophisticated clientele. The ground floor and basement, on the other hand, will be dedicated to offices.

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