Piano Nobile Fontebasso San Marco

Piano Nobile Fontebasso San Marco

Galerie (9) Carte

An important piano nobile of a 16th century palazzo commissioned from architetto Vincente Scamozzi. In an excellent and discreet location, the property comprises huge reception rooms with 7 metre high ceilings, frescoed ceilings and all original features.

In 1741 the interiors were redone according to the style of the period, and the famous artist Francesco Fontebasso was commissioned to create a pictorial cycle of frescoes on the ceilings of the Palazzo. The property retains all interior features, has remained intact over the centuries with it's still original and beautiful floors, doors and ceilings, and is protected by the 'Belle Arti'.

Two matching balconies are situated at either end of the piano nobile, both with canal views. The palazzo entrance is impressive and has a private water gate. The property also benefits from canal views, 2 balconies, lift, water gate, large magazzino storage space.

Perfect as an elegant private home or for a private art collector or foundation.


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