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Villa I Platani - Lake Como


Villa I Platani stands as a testament to timeless elegance and historic grandeur trophy asset located in the famous area of Tremezzina, a meticulously restored historic jewel nestled on the picturesque shores of Lake Como

As one of Lake Como's most distinguished historic residences, Villa I Platani encompasses the main villa and the SPA (1073sqm), a charming guest house (184sqm), and a quaint garden cottage. Boasting panoramic views extending from the iconic Balbianello to the stunning Bellagio promontory, the property enjoys an extensive lakeside frontage, offering tranquility and unmatched beauty.


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Unique Location: Tremezzo Village

The village of Tremezzo, in the Municipality of Tremezzina, combines a hillside hinterland with a lakeside promenade rich in sumptuous villas. Unique in the province of Como among the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy, Tremezzo has hosted illustrious figures such as Giuseppe Verdi and Queen Victoria. It offers suggestive panoramas such as the Comacina Island, the wooded promontory of Dosso del Lavedo with Villa del Balbianello, and the Sacred Mount of Ossuccio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The surrounding mountains, including the Grigna and Grignetta peaks, are particularly beautiful at sunset. Tremezzina, with 4,993 inhabitants, has been renowned for aristocratic tourism since the 18th century, still maintaining today villas and gardens of great admiration.

Unique Location: Tremezzo Village - 1
The Restoration and the Exclusive Amenities

The renovation project is well-planned, using realistic renderings to showcase the property, presenting an exceptional opportunity for potential buyers. This trophy asset enchanting Villa combines timeless elegance with modern luxury, offering an unparalleled living experience.

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The History of the Villa

In 1859, the property was acquired by Milanese count Alessandro Barbavara, who oversaw the construction of the three-story villa, caretaker's quarters, and a boat shed. Later, his grandson expanded the villa, adding two terraces. The southwestern shores of Lake Como, basking in abundant sunlight, became a coveted retreat for the county's aristocracy, offering a serene, charming, and romantic haven during the 18th and 19th centuries.

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The majestic plane tree of Villa I Platani

Within the sprawling park spanning over 5700 sqm, stand numerous stately plane trees, lending their name to the villa - Villa I Platani. Among them, one particularly ancient and imposing tree stands tall at 50 meters with a trunk circumference of 8 meters. Esteemed as the tallest "oriental plane tree" in Italy and one of the grandest in Europe, it boasts an estimated age of around 350 years. These venerable plane trees likely predate the villa's construction, planted in what once was a flat meadow near the lake by the affluent Brentano family, renowned merchants who traded eastern goods across the continent.

The majestic plane tree of Villa I Platani - 4