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Rome at a glance, just a few minutes from the city center


Terrazze Fedro

The hills silhouette against the blue sky, the city's historic rooftops extend to the foot of Monte Mario, and greenery surrounds the site dotted with classically inspired architecture: Terrazze Fedro takes shape in a context already dense with history, to which it adds a note of contemporaneity through the soft forms of the new architecture inspired by nature, set in the landscape like a precious jewel. 

The architecture that characterizes the project represents a break from tradition, detaching itself from conventional construction logic to embrace a new philosophy based on the relationship between buildings and nature. Each housing unit is customizable to meet the different needs of the clients, who are looking for well-being and comfort in charming environments with a contemporary taste.


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Location: Living an urban oasis

With a breathtaking view of the surrounding panorama and nestled among lush gardens and tree-lined avenues, this urban oasis offers a corner of serenity and peace. Its privileged location allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of nature, providing moments of relaxation and harmony in a unique and enchanting setting.

Location: Living an urban oasis - 1
The Project: Living in an Author's House

New shapes, new trends, new living: a living dimension where the exclusivity of the location merges with the prestige of architectural design, generating a new contemporary concept of urban living.

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The Interiors: Exclusive Spaces

Refined and innovative interiors: each apartment at Terrazze Fedro offers a unique home living experience within a captivating architectural and landscape framework. Every detail has been designed to meet the diverse needs of clients seeking well-being and comfort in charming environments with contemporary flair.

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