Luxury Outlook 2024

Real Estate Market: A Constantly Evolving Landscape
Diletta Giorgolo: Head of Residential

"In the constantly evolving global real estate market, it is an honor for us to present the 2024 Luxury Outlook. In addition to actively engaging national buyers, our international clientele represents a significant part, with a considerable number of clients coming from the United States, Europe, and HNWI expats from various parts of the world such as the United Arab Emirates, South America, and the United Kingdom.

It is with satisfaction that we note the appreciation and enhancement of our territory by international buyers who wish to invest in the country of the "Dolce Vita."

We are ready to face the challenges that the future holds with determination, seizing the emerging opportunities to maintain our leadership position in the real estate sector."

Diletta Giorgolo: Head of Residential  - 1
Luxury Outlook 2024

In a world increasingly influenced by geopolitical dynamics, the Luxury Outlook projects optimism for the coming year, characterized by growth and innovation.

You will have the opportunity to discover technological innovations, exclusive destinations, and emerging markets such as Saudi Arabia; explore themes like sustainability and how hybrid work is shaping global needs.

To invest wisely in the world of luxury, you can consult the complete report and discover the unique opportunities offered by the real estate sector.

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