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Villa Antique

Medulin, Istria
HRK 14,137,500


  • Adresse: Medulin
  • Prix: HRK 14,137,500
  • Chambres: 13
  • Salles de bain: 10
  • Type: single family detached
  • Référence: sh3d32


An open sea view villa
Villa Antique is located on Medulin Bay in the southern part of the Istrian peninsula. It is built on a protected archaeological site in an ancient village located only five kilometers from the historic town of Pula, and thirty minutes of easy sailing from magical Venice.
Its location - next to the marina, close to the Pula airport, which is only five kilometers away, and access to the highway - is just one of its many strengths.
The villa is situated on a 1,065-square meter plot and has 650 square meters of living space. It is surrounded by greenery and a stone wall.
The modern appearance of the villa is an ideal fit with the terrain, while its architecture does not distract from the archaeological site. Instead, the modern style of the construction perfectly complements the rich historical heritage. In the ancient times, this site had a luxury villa used by Roman generals as a respite from war, which is why this construction project was carried out in cooperation with and under the instructions of a conservator form the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.
The villa has an open view of the sea and the town of Medulin. It has three floors, has been carefully designed, and is comprised of four residential units, each of which has a separate entrance.
On the lowest floor are two apartments of 102 square meters and 94 square meters, respectively. The apartments are at ground level and have large glass windows facing the sea.
The first floor has an apartment of 226 square meters, while a 232-square meter apartment is located on the second floor. Both apartments face the sea and have large glass windows and spacious balconies.
Reinforced concrete was used in the construction and the roof has a double layer of traditional Mediterranean roof tiles. The villa has been built to the highest standard in terms of thermal insulation, and is equipped with a heating and cooling system that complements the modern design of the structure.
At the front of the villa is a 35-square meter swimming pool and eight parking spaces.
Villa Antique meets the highest standards of luxury housing and is equipped with modern materials and the latest technology.