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Isola Verde, eco-sustainable properties in Milan | Italy Sotheby's - 1

Isola Verde - Milan

“Isola Verde” (“Green Island”) project comes from the complete redevelopment of the building dating back to the early 1900s, located in via Porro Lambertenghi in Milan, as one of the first with a reinforced structure, consisting of a residential building facing the street and a separated one inside, used for production. The shape of the current building remains very similar to the pre-existing one, where you can appreciate different types of buildings, with defined shapes and heights. Finally, the street façade of the old building remains exactly the same.

Today, this initial project has been developed in the name of eco-sustainability: the entire building was constructed respecting the environment, as well as with the aim of hosting a sort of "independent community". In fact, this complex includes services such as a gym, sauna, co-working area and many green spaces, to guarantee the residents the opportunity to live, work and spend free time, according to their different needs.


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