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Camilluccia 535 - Rome - 1

Camilluccia 535 - Rome


"Camilluccia 535" is a project at international scale, a new vision of the home; innovation, technology and respect for the environment in a unique neighborhood. An initiative aimed at those who are seeking comfort in a high-level context, to purchase a new home of unquestionable architectural quality that offers technologically advanced solutions with the best energy class.

The real estate complex stands within a 4,000-square-meter private park, with ample green zones and divided into "areas" representing specific parts of daily life (sports, relaxation, and play for kids); This area is  connected by paths marked by stones and surrounded by majestic tree species.

Developed on 4 levels in addition to the floor where garages and cellars can be found, the building includes 3 highly important and light-filled residences with through large floor-to-ceiling windows facing onto spacious terraces that house a private swimming pool for the penthouse apartment and a project for infinity pools and whirlpools for the other two. The interior layout was designed ad-hoc for each residence, maximizing privacy and ensuring unparalleled construction technique and quality of selected materials.

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Living in first class

Highest energy classification: A4. This is due to the wise use of an integrated and complex system of renewable sources and cutting-edge technologies: the photovoltaic, on the one hand, and the construction technique of the walls, pavements and fixtures, on the other.

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The neighbourhood

The property is located just a stone's throw from the Vigna Clara district and close to the famous Milvian Bridge, which together with Trastevere, is now the "heart" of the Eternal City's nightlife.

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