Respecting the environment: an innovative project

One of the main points of the entire project is actually the respect for the environment, reducing CO2 emissions first.

Thanks also to the winter and summer air conditioning system of the internal areas, which works through a geothermal system with heat pumps and radiant floor panels, it is possible to regulate the temperature of each single room through individual metering. In addition, the production of domestic hot water takes place via a heat pump and benefits from an integration with a condensing boiler, connected to storage tanks, softener and filter for the treatment of the water itself.

In addition to limiting carbon dioxide emissions as much as possible, currently reduced by a total of 60,000 kg in one year, or 40 kg / sqm every year, through the implementation of the cutting-edge systems that characterize Isola Verde, the project aimed at energy saving: doors and windows, for example, are characterized by thermal aluminum profiles and low-emissivity glass, so as to guarantee a building envelope with low energy consumption. Also, the facades most exposed to the sun are equipped with brise-soleil, in order to ensure additional summer shielding.