Isola District: past and present

Born between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century as an industrial area, with a strong worker and artisan feature.

The presence of these social classes was favored by the high number of factories and by the proximity of important ones, such as Pirelli and Helvetica, and obviously to the railway. For these reasons, the Isola District has become over the years one of the epicenters of the artistic and creative scene of Milan. Walking through its streets you can admire modernist and industrial architecture, restaurants and jazz clubs, art galleries and local shops, co-working areas and fusion restaurants, which have now become the symbol of urban and social regeneration, that has characterized Milan in these last years.

"Isola Verde" was born in this atmosphere, following the complete redevelopment of the building dating back to the early 1900s, in via Porro Lambertenghi. The courtyard between the two buildings was entirely covered in 1909 with a shed structure, typical of the factories of Northern Europe and made possible to expand the workshop activity. The shape of the current building remains very similar to the pre-existing one, where you can appreciate the succession of different types of buildings, with defined shapes and heights. Finally, the street façade of the old building remains exactly the same.