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Magnificent frescoed bel étage in the heart of Verona

Magnificent frescoed bel étage in the heart of Verona

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This prestigious noble floor apartment is located within one of the most important fifteenth-century Palace in the historic center of Verona, only a few steps away from the Cathedral. It was completely renovated between 2007 and 2012 and represent a stunning example of Rococo style and saw the work of the most known veronese artists, who realized frescoes and canvas of rare beauty and prestige, and that were part of the school of Antonio Balestra, the great innovator of the local painting style of the 18th Century. The ceiling of the main floor was probably frescoed by Rotari, and the original terrazzo tile floors are intact in almost all the rooms. In the main hall, two large wall paintings depict "The Sacrifice of Iphigenia" by Pietro Rotari and "Achilles dragging Hector's body" by Carlo Salis, framed by painted architectural squares. Both painters were students of Antonio Balestra, the acknowledged head of the eighteenth century Veronese school of paining. The two huge canvases are the masterpieces of the painters and were certainly completed before 1752. In the hall, the painted architecture includes a series of monochrome works depicting scenes from the Iliad and the Aeneid, by Giorgio Anselmi, whose hand also painted in fresco the nine meters high ceiling of the hall depicting the "Triumph of Juno and Athena". In the adjacent room, the wall is decorated with tempera in trompe l' oeil from the first half of the nineteenth century. Here, the frescoed oval ceiling, also by Anselmi, depicts "Time and Vanity". The important renovation has been carried out by an experienced Company that is on the market since many many years combined with the skills of master restorers. The careful and meticulous selection of the materials and the technology of the systems allowed to reach and guarantee a very high livability level within the palace. The bel étage consists of a private staircase with majestic statues, vestibule, 9 meters high frescoed hall, living room, kitchen with pantry, dining room, four bedrooms with four bathrooms, three balconies, veranda, service entrance, elevator, room with bathroom for personnel, wide cellar. There is the possibility of having parking places within the Palace and a small apartment for guests. This noble floor apartment represents a unique example of beauty and can not only be used as an exclusive private dwelling, but also as a representative property.

Verona, Via Sant'egidio
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Valentina PiomboPalazzo Castellani di Sermeti - Corso Castelvecchio, 2537121 - Verona

Valentina Piombo
Palazzo Castellani di Sermeti - Corso Castelvecchio, 25
37121 - Verona


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