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Charming apartment with private access to the sea in a historic Villa

Charming apartment with private access to the sea in a historic Villa

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Ventimiglia, Corso Arturo Toscanini
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In La Mortola, peaceful and quiet seaside destination a few miles to the border with France, charming apartment with private access to the sea in a historic Villa renowned for its magnificent gardens. The property of about 250 sqm spreads out over two levels and it is composed of spacious living room with wide windows facing the garden and the sea, enriched by fine marble and hand-drawn doors. From the living room, you accede to a narrow and long kitchen and a bathroom. On the first floor, there is a bedroom with en-suite bathroom, other two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The four hectares private terraced botanic garden by the sea makes the property exceptional and unique. Villa Boccanegra Arboretum, dating back to the mid-16th century, holds Mediterranean climate plant specimens from all over the world. First responders were some wealthy fond of plants English men who were very good friends and neighbors of the Hanbury. Between 1906 and 1923 Hellen Willmott, a rich heiress and landscaper from England, planned to build two water supply, she traced paths and walkways, she planted exotic species of any kind, date palms and eucalyptus. Different areas have been created, each of them with a different micro climate, from a Mediterranean holm-oak wood, cypress-trees and Aleppo pine-trees, to a dry arid brush, lavender, rosemary and scabiosa bushes, two olive groves, an orchard, a vegetable garden, and a continuing spontaneous flora stepping out onto the sea. Among the more valuable species there are: Agathis Robusta, Encephalartos sp, Peumus boldus, Quercus Ilex, Pinus halepensis, Pinus sabiniana, Pitosporum tobira, Chamaerops humilis, Cotoneaster pannosus, Pistacia lentiscus, Rhamnus alaternus. Among the vines there are: Jasminium heterophyllum, Senecio angulatus and Senecio deltoides, both from South Africa e Smilax aspera. Among the essences coming from dry climate: Aberia Craffa, Seneci, Polygala myrtifolia, mediterranean climate bulboses, a fifty aloe species collection, plenty of agave, Loxostylis alata, Eriocephalus africanus; lots of roses suitable for warm climate, Rosa banxia, Rosa laevigata, Chinese and Indian hybrids, the rare variety "Sénateur Lafollette" cultivated in Cannes by Lord Brougham Busby gardener around 1910.

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