Prestigious higher fifth floor inside Villa Brasini

Prestigious higher fifth floor inside Villa Brasini

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Rome, Via Flaminia
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In the heart of the famous Roman meeting place Ponte Milvio, in Via Flaminia, rises Villa Brasini, this splendid structure stands out for the peculiarity of its architecture. Known as Castle Brasini, it is an eclectic neo-Baroque construction which is named after its architect – Armando Brasini – who in this area has also produced the majestic Ponte Flaminio. The Villa looks like a castle of six floors, topped with a polygonal tower supported by majestic columns artfully decorated. The courtyard is decorated with marble statues and monuments and the interior are absolutely stunning, rich and showy but also classical and monumental, stuccos decorations and frescoes, original floors and high ceilings, they all play a crucial role in the spectacular result desired by the architect. The building inside has several apartments of various sizes.

The apartment on the upper 5th floor spreads over 250 square meters divided in 8 rooms and 3 bathrooms. The spaces are one after another as in classical architecture; the floors are all in Venice style, the doors are originals of ' 600, in solid walnut. The bathrooms, all renovated, have marble floors and mosaic coverings in multiple colors, while the fittings are modern, as well as the furnishings in steel and glass. The policy followed in the definition of the baths was to insert some modern elements creating a pleasant contrast of styles with the rest of the house. The ceilings and the window frames are decorated with tempera, the colors vary between grey and light blue with small yellow inserts. The large windows give special brightness to all the environments. The apartment has a convenient car garage.

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