Prestigious elegant apartment inside Villa Brasini

Prestigious elegant apartment inside Villa Brasini

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Rome, Via Flaminia
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In the heart of the famous Roman meeting place Ponte Milvio, in Via Flaminia, rises Villa Brasini, this splendid structure stands out for the peculiarity of its architecture. Known as Castle Brasini, it is an eclectic neo-Baroque construction which is named after its architect – Armando Brasini – who in this area has also produced the majestic Ponte Flaminio. The Villa looks like a castle of six floors, topped with a polygonal tower supported by majestic columns artfully decorated. The courtyard is decorated with marble statues and monuments and the interior are absolutely stunning, rich and showy but also classical and monumental, stuccos decorations and frescoes, original floors and high ceilings, they all play a crucial role in the spectacular result desired by the architect. The building inside has several apartments of various sizes.

The apartment on the 6th floor is what the architect Brasini had intended for his family, dedicating a wonderful hall to his wife Augusta , whose name occurs in the decorations on the wooden doors. This is probably the most prestigious apartment in the palace, it comprises 527 sqm interior, with the addition of 60 square meters of terrace. The entrance hall, which is accessed by a private elevator, or by a unique finely decorated stairway, has a considerable height and on the ceiling it was placed by Brasini a large painting of the seventeenth century with religious subjects. A painted ornament runs around on all four walls, alternating inserts with religious subjects and decorative paints like the Putti. The Venetian flooring was made using grinded green marbles and porphyry, with inserts in Carrara to exalt the whole; the peperino carved fireplace is of high impact itself. Beyond the living room you enter an environment that acts as a hallway to the private part of the apartment, where was located the bedroom of Brasini. The ceiling is high and coffered, with gold-painted carved wooden flowers; a small bathroom for guests, all decorated in red and white, of Pompeian atmosphere, opens onto this space. In the environment intended for the master bedroom, the floor is in terracotta, the decorations became more clear, the door and the window frames are decorated in green and gold. Two doors surmounted by floral decorations, give access to a bathroom in yellow Siena marble, mosaics and Carrara marble. From this area you access a room with three windows opening onto the outside offering the beautiful view of the historical city. The second hall is octagonal in shape and is undoubtedly the most interesting room of the house, characterized by beautiful black and white floor tiles, walls with decorated coloured panels, in grey, powder blue and gold; a beautiful white marble fireplace with porphyry decorations, adorned in the center by an ancient bas-relief. It's this wonderful room that opens onto a beautiful veranda, with amazing views over the city. The veranda has enormous windows, which offer stunning views, and it also has walls decorated with frescoes and niches. The kitchen is modern and efficient, is equipped with modern taylormade furniture. A hidden door leads to the service area that consists of one bedroom with bathroom, destined to host the home care staff. The apartment is equipped with four master bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. The bathrooms for guests are two, one on the main floor, and one on the upper terrace level. The terrace on the top level, which offers a spectacular view of the historic town, the River Tiber and the Olympic Stadium, has a fully equipped kitchen with BBQ, sink and fridge. The apartment also has a convenient double garage for three cars.

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