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Ancient noble villa in the park of Villa Ada, prime location

Ancient noble villa in the park of Villa Ada, prime location

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Prestigious historic villa of approximately 510 sqms indoor and over 1,500 sqm of landscaped garden within Villa Ada.
This one of a kind property, both for its historical value and for its privileged position, is made up of a central body on two levels, with a dependence, a large terrace on the upper floor, a garage of about 30 sqm with driveway from via Salaria and a charming 100 sqm greenhouse. The building is set within a large magnificent garden and agricultural land, surrounded by Villa Ada park.
Currently, the property develops as follows: the pedestrian entrance on via Salaria is dedicated to two apartments for guests and the service personnel's quarters. The main entrance from the garden, on the other hand, leads to the first floor apartment which consists of 2 living rooms, a dining area, an eat-in kitchen with access to a large terrace, a master bedroom and 3 bathrooms.

Historic Background
Villa Elena : Ancient noble casino of Vigna Saliceti.

As early as the mid-1500s, the current Villa Ada park was divided into various agricultural estates, each with its own noble Casino. In the second half of the 18 century the area of the park of Villa Ada, on the left of via Salaria, was divided into innumerable farms and estates, with vineyards, woods, arable land and reeds among which noble lodges and gardens.
In particular, there were 4 distinct estates: the so-called Ximenes vineyard, Saliceti vineyard, Calzamiglia vineyard and Capocaccia vineyard. Although defined as vineyards, in reality these estates combined the characteristics of a agricultural production center with those of a place for recreation and entertainment. Except for Ximenes Vigna, the other vineyards were bought and unified by Prince Luigi Pallavicini at the end of the 1700s, who started the project of Villa Pallavicini and rearrangement of the park of Villa Ada. In 1839, a large part of the Pallavicini estate became the property of the Potenziani family.
In 1872 Giovanni Antonio Gabrinski Potenziani sold Villa Pallavicini (ie the body of the three villas, Saliceti vineyard, Calzamiglia vineyard and Capocaccia vineyard) to King Vittorio Emanuele II of Savoy.
In 1878 the entire park was sold to Count Giuseppe Telfner, administrator of the Royal House, who called it Villa ADA in honor of his wife.
In 1904 the complex was repurchased by the Savoys and, at the request of Queen Elena, the casino of Vigna Saliceti was dedicated to charity and the two halls on the ground floor of the casino became clinics and soup kitchens. The current name Villa Elena is a tribute to Queen Elena of Montenegro.

Amenities and Features
Rome, Via Salaria
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