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San Filippo Castle

San Filippo Castle

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Ragusa, Contrada San Filippo
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There is a Sicily that goes beyond the images of the sea to make room for the identity of the countryside, less obvious, less explored, but even more powerful and evocative, full of breathtaking sunsets, ancestral silences and prosperous valleys.

Between dry stone walls, carob mantles and centuries-old olive trees, here is a piece of Sicily, in the heavily man-made rural Ibleo landscape, where the Torre San Filippo stands out, a typical fortified noble residence built in 1800, located in a strategic point, a true and its own fort that served as a watchtower to better control the work in the fields and the management of the farms. The property stands in the center of a fief in the "Cava Volpe" valley near the Santa Rosalia dam, characterized by streams and rich vegetation and is composed of the Castle (with a labyrinthine plant) summer residence of the owner family - of about 750 square meters, which is spread over two floors and has 2 large living rooms 2 kitchens, 8 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In the patio stands the church, with a curiously Gothic facade like the entrance door. In the rural body, called "casa mandria", there are buildings of relevance such as barns, warehouses and stables with an area of additional 750 square meters, all to be restored. To frame the property, there is a 65 hectare park, where nature, with the characteristic Iblei cultivars such as olive trees and secular carob trees together with numerous varieties of wild and spontaneous plants, bursts impetuous and silent, giving wonderful images of nature from sunrise to sunset, integrating perfectly with the surrounding landscape. The external structure does not present particular structural problems evident on the supporting structure, while the interior requires restoration of the stone surfaces and spaces.

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