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Exceptional hunting and agricultural estate in Radicondoli

Exceptional hunting and agricultural estate in Radicondoli

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At 10 minutes' drive from the romantic town of Radicondoli, this extraordinary estate spans over 1,000 ha (approximately 2471 acres), 700 of which are enclosed by a 2.5 meter high electro-welded mesh fence; a feature which cannot be replicated. Falling within the famous Chianti Putto production area, it is also a rich agricultural area producing 300 tons per year of a wide variety of cereal grains, olive oil and, currently, cattle. 5 hectares of the estate are set aside for olive oil production, two areas for beef cattle which can accommodate up to 500 cows with calves, barns, silos, and a workshop.

An artificial lake with capacity of more than 450,000 cubic meters and a surface area of approximately 35,000 square miles. The lake supplies water for irrigation, fire hydrants and cannons. And potentially provides for fresh water fishing.

Photovoltaic cell panels are in operation on the estate, producing abundant energy, some of which is sold back to the national energy company.

In 1950, the estate was established as a hunting reserve. It is the only hunting reserve in all of Italy where one can hunt year round (subject to National Institute for Wildlife quotas). The estate has an abundance of wildlife including wild boar, mouflon, red deer, fallow deer, roe deer, hare, and pheasant. Additionally one can observe fox, wolf, badger, porcupine, and marten, throughout the estate.

The 19th century main villa has an area of 1.160 square meters on 3 levels, with a ground floor hall, 3 living areas, 3 bathrooms, library, study, formal dining, kitchen, heated indoor pool, fitness area and bar, and hunting room. The first floor offers 2 living areas and 6 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms organized into 3 suites. The villa also has a double garage, wine cellar, and a heated conservatory. An annex offers about 120 square meters with a living room, two bedrooms, and two bathrooms. Two other structures were built in the 18th and 19th centuries respectively with a total area of over 950 square meters.

Another 12 buildings on the estate present over 2,700 square meters area.

The estate is located in an area which is the chosen residence for a number of respectable, illustrious foreigner guests. This estate represents the only area in Italy in which the owner may hunt year round from an abundance of natural wildlife in the privacy of a discreet fenced estate. The exceptional features of the estate with respect to hunting, privacy, an organic agricultural area, abundant water reservoir, self sufficient energy, and proximity to services, entertainment, and air transport, make the Estate a once in a lifetime opportunity for the discerning outdoor sports enthusiast.

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wine cellar · garage · In-Home Gym · swimming pool · cellar · Parking
Radicondoli, Radicondoli
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