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Elegant apartment featuring exclusive garden

Elegant apartment featuring exclusive garden

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This apartment is located in the heart of Palermo's urban center, on via Mariano Stabile. It is just steps away from via Roma and in close proximity to via Principe di Belmonte. The apartment is situated within a quadrilateral area bounded by the Grande Albergo delle Palme, Piazza Ignazio Florio, and via Cavour. This unique apartment has a driveway directly from the road and features a garden that still retains some Art Nouveau elements. The building itself is three stories high and showcases architectural references to its construction period. These references can be seen in the entrance hall, the door, and the facade. They are also evident in the internal layout of the apartment. Upon entering the condominium through the main entrance, there is a hall that leads to various rooms. Two of these rooms have windows facing via Mariano Stabile, while three larger rooms are interconnected and overlook the internal avenue. These rooms frame the Anglican Church and the front garden. Additionally, two rooms at the end of the apartment face the private garden and have their own access door. All necessary services are conveniently located along the distribution corridor and on the side facing the condominium courtyard. This property offers a unique combination of an internal green space and two entrance/exit options. It is ideal for use as a private residence, as well as for office or study purposes.

Palermo, Via Mariano Stabile
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