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Villa Litta Carini

Villa Litta Carini

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Orio Litta, Via Montemalo
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The rich history of Villa Litta Carini began in the late 17th century, when famed architect Giovanni Ruggeri designed the central wing of the sprawling estate. Originally the home of Count Antonio Cavazzi della Somaglia, the residence was a testament to the wealth and importance of the entire Cavazzi family. Upon the Count’s death in 1688, his great-grandson, Paolo Dati, inherited the estate and elevated it further: an added wing and incomparable reputation made the Villa a coveted holiday destination and popular meeting place for many of eighteenth-century Italy’s brightest stars in the literature and cultural worlds. Paolo Dati died in 1749, and is commemorated by the iron angel still perched atop the estate’s central wing, and by this year, the Villa, wrapped around the formal courtyard, that still marks its entrance. Kitchens, laundries, granaries, livestock, butchers, cellars, gardens, and vineyards all ensured the estate stayed self-sufficient in the loving care of the Dati Somalia family until its sale in 1824. It remained a beloved haven for important figures including King Umberto I and Giacomo Puccini until its slow decline between 1887 and 1970, when it was purchased by its current owners. A true labor of love is evident throughout the estate, where the strife of a century’s abuse has been carefully erased. Vast areas of historical restoration have been undertaken at great expense: admire the gorgeous frescoes credited to Maggi and his school within the villa, the abundance of beautifully preserved period furnishings, and the incredible grand staircase that will instantly transport you back to the earliest days of this grand estate.

The villa preserves numerous details, a sign of the magnificence typical of the period in which it was built. Treasures untold wait to be discovered: stunning frescoes, 17th century fireplaces, and crystal and brass chandeliers accent soaring ceilings and elegant spaces perfect to entertain in. The present owners have painstakingly restored and preserved much of the palazzo leaving some areas untouched; these now present immense possibilities to bring it back to its ancient splendor. Of particular interest is the historic silk spinning room, or "filanda", nearly 40 meters long with vast cathedral-like vaulted ceilings, untouched and ready for new purpose. From the sweeping triple-height ballroom on the grand “piano nobile” to the opulent private apartments, every inch of this spectacular property pays homage to its proud historical roots. Walking around this majestic country villa will leave you with an inescapable feeling that you are taking part in a period drama.

Amenities and Features
elevator · A/C · wine cellar · garage · Billiards room
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