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19th century farmhouse

19th century farmhouse

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Ancient farmhouse restored in the countryside of Noto. The total recovery of the masonry and all the simple decorative elements has allowed a philological restoration of excellent results. The exceptional view of the Sicilian sea and the "Vendicari" nature reserve determines a series of unique emotions which no visitor can resist. The ancient tank for collecting water has been converted into a swimming pool. The main building has origins from the early 1800s, as the dates show on the ancient lithic architraves. It was subsequently expanded with other buildings (which can be sold and merged on request). This was typical in the countryside, following the course of family life, which expanded with the marriages of children and then the arrival of grandchildren. In fact, they were real communities that grew according to the real family needs. On the hill of "Pantanello," several years ago, this property was completely abandoned for decades. The reed roofs collapsed, some walls damaged. The whole was harmonious and retained its own pride, a pride of the stone in that ancient place with a severe but strongly energetic impact. Kilometers of dry-stone walls wind their way along all the slopes of the hill, describing and containing portions of land sometimes used for simple cultivations. The adjacent canyon or quarry offers other unique emotions and atmospheres during the full moon, a natural space full of ancient caves inhabited only by the animals of the hill that shelter inside. Noto, with the domes of the churches and its palaces, creates a further unique scenography in this space which is an immense open-air theater where you can breathe a strongly Sicilian atmosphere with the scents of prickly pears, carob, and olive trees distributed naturally on the sides of the immense Mediterranean maquis.

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Noto, C.da Pantanello
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