Magnificent castle in the heart of Umbria

Magnificent castle in the heart of Umbria

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Marsciano, Castiglione della Valle
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This Majestic Castle & Hamlet town is for Sale and characterizes itself thanks to its unique horse-shoe layout. At the same time, the history of the complex itself is both fascinating and unique. The main Keep was mentioned as a monastery in a Papal Bull dating back to the year 1115. In origin, however, it was a Military outpost built on the Border of the Eastern Roman Empire, at the time of the descent by the Barbarians, as a defending fortress that would keep in check the empires borders, set at the time along Perugia. To better defend the border during 592-593, the Eastern Roman Empire fortified the whole hill and created the Byzantine Lake by taking advantage of the fact that two rivers cross the valley, one of which was connected to the nearby Lake Trasimeno, where Hannibal defeated the Romans.

As a result of a major battle won by Emperor Charles the Great in Pavia in 774 the border then lost its strategic importance overnight, with the 5-feet-thick walls and emblematic towers, losing their military importance. Around the year 1000 the buildings were transformed into a Benedectine Monastery. After 1470, the structure was converted into a Castle and passed through the hands of various noble families of the Perugia area (Alfani, Sereni, Cesi di Acquasparta), and this eventually led to the creation of the title of Princes of Monticelli, that become associated to its owners that now would rule over a real fiefdom.

Since 1999 the Site has been completely renovated and restored to its original splendors, and its incredible spaces enhanced to create synergy and housing space in this unique hamlet surrounding the Castle grounds.

The 9 hectares of Land host Biological Gardens which are a grocery source for the Restaurant, and the Fruit Trees and Olive Groves yield an important domestic production.

In the Central Square, under the shade of large Pine Trees, one can admire the breathtaking views over the valley leading up to the city of Perugia. The succession of time is visible on the Castle façade, with windows and additions that are well-identifiable in the brickwork. In this context, there are a total of 27 apartments for a total of about 95 bed-spaces. In addition, there are 2 magnificent swimming pools, a wellness center that has a lovely SPA, large parking area, and a quaint outdoor restaurant with an indoor lodgings under the magnificent vaulted ceilings.

The real estate complex presents itself as an ideal solution to a high luxury residential or as a popular resort for tourist-reception use.

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A/C · wine cellar · Spa · Billiards room · In-Home Gym · swimming pool · concierge
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