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Medieval manor immersed in the countryside overlooking Volcano Etna

Medieval manor immersed in the countryside overlooking Volcano Etna

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Lentini, Lentini

Territory of a noble and influential Sicilian family whose origins date back to the 11th century, the ancient fiefdom is located in the peaceful Lentinese countryside overlooking the plain of Catania, surrounded by immense fields destined for sowing, citrus and olive groves and, on a Neolithic archaeological area. Some sources suppose that originally in the early Middle Ages, it was built on the ruins of an ancient abbey of which traces have been lost; the building visible today was largely rebuilt starting from 1695 on the walls of the buildings destroyed by the earthquake of 1693 and still retains the rural architectural style of the 17th-18th century, while part of the structure was periodically modified and extended until the beginning of the century last. It spreads over an area of approx. 4000 square meters consisting of a complex of buildings with a rectangular plan with the openings all facing inside the courtyard, like a beam, and is accessed by a long tree-lined and dirt road, bordered by the walls medieval on one side and an expanse of fields on the other. The main floor is on two levels over an area of approx. 200 square meters and consists of living rooms and bedrooms, a built-in kitchen and bathrooms. The neutral colors of the rooms and the wood that frames the fireplace and the kitchen, draw a warm and welcoming atmosphere typical of stately country houses. Balconies and windows overlook green plains that slide for kilometers to the foot of Mount Etna, visible, majestic and steaming. The large party hall, once a storage warehouse for abundant masses, located on the ground floor, brings to mind the atmosphere of the noble past, while the ancient agricultural tools collected over time for several generations revive the medieval spirit that hovers still in place. The buildings once intended for farmers, stables and the storage of provisions and fodder, extend over an area of over two thousand square meters that surround the extensive courtyard, some of them have a ruined roof. A small church dedicated to San Nicola, is an integral part of the complex, in it until the middle of the twentieth century Holy Mass was celebrated on holidays, and even at dawn on working days the tolling of the bell called the peasants to harvest before go to work in the fields. In front of the buildings and the courtyard, surrounded by palm trees and exotic plants, is the swimming pool, perfectly set in the landscape. Two hectares of land that surround the property are included in the sale of this ancient rural residence full of history and unprecedented suggestions, where only nature gives a voice. Located in the Plain of Catania, on the slopes of the Iblei Mountains and near Lake Lentini (5 km), it is 18 km from Catania airport and 12 from the sea.

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wine cellar · swimming pool
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