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Historic Mansion in the countryside near Rome

Historic Mansion in the countryside near Rome

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Fabrica di Roma, Via della Rocca

This ancient property, located in the town of Fabrica di Roma, is located in proximity of the Farnese Castle of the 13th century, and it's famous for having hosted the garrison in defense of the Farnese family. Inside there is a large fireplace, that has been preserved in time, with the Farnese lily symbol and the floors below are remarkable, they end in caves dug directly into the peperino, testifying to the medieval origin of the building. This property is structured on 5 floors with high coffered ceilings, some of them richly decorated, large fireplaces and a flooring made of original antique terracotta. The Rocca Farnese, of which this building was also part, was built by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese around 1550 and subsequently was Popes' Paul III Farnese and Julius II private residence. Each room of this house is full of original details and unique pieces from a historical point of view which, even if the property needs a certain degree of renovation, will allow the future buyer to enjoy a truly magical atmosphere. All these characteristics are particularly present in the lower floors where the ancient medieval rooms have remained unchanged. It should be noted that on many walls of the abode there are precious velvet embroidered coverings that give the house an exquisite elegance. After this description, all that remains is to visit this exclusive property in person to experience a time travel.

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