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Elegant Renaissance Palazzo in Arezzo

Elegant Renaissance Palazzo in Arezzo

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This prestigious historic building, whose foundations rest on the remains of an old tower, was modified at the time when Arezzo was under the domination of the Medici. This noble palace was built, just a few steps away from the " Fortezza Medicea", by Florentine architects, and mentioned by Vasari in his `` Lives of artists '', and still represents one of the rare examples of pure architecture of the Renaissance in the historic center of Arezzo whose main buildings are medieval or post-Renaissance.

The imposing `` L '' shaped structure is located near the most beautiful park in the city, and benefits from a private indoor garden and private underground parking (with 4 parking spaces), with direct access to the Palace. The Palace, located in the center of the city, is distinguished by its typical late Renaissance facades, and offers a place where life takes on a special meaning with its own private oasis of greenery, so close and yet seemingly so far from the goings on of the city center.

The palace is currently a single building unit, but can easily be divided into two. The two derived units are potentially floor plan-independent, one could measure approximately 350 square meters and 600 square meters the other. The total area occupied by the Palace is on 5 levels which brings it to measure 950 square meters. The outdoor garden covers an area of more than 350 square meters. The garage, with the sauna area, covers an area of approximately 190 square meters.

The Palace could be utilized as a representative office with an adjoining residence, separate real estate units, or as a commercial destination for tourist accommodation or periodical residence.

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