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A collection of unique apartments

Living Area

The living area opens onto the terraces through full-height windows, allowing light to flood the space and creating a connection between the indoors and outdoors. This conveys the harmonious perception of a single, large outdoor living room.

Living Area - 1
Dining Area

The dining area, the perfect place for elegant dinners, is the ideal space to enchant guests in a unique setting.

Dining Area - 2
The Private Sphere

The private sphere finds its ideal space in the elegant suites, both single and double, which are refined and characterized by distinctive design.

The Private Sphere - 3
The Bathrooms

The bathrooms, expressions of sophisticated modern design, transport you to a dimension of natural relaxation. The extensive catalog of materials has been carefully selected to allow for numerous color combinations, from classic contemporary to the most innovative designs.

The Bathrooms - 4