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Spectacular Villa and Farmstead close to Florence

Spectacular Villa and Farmstead close to Florence

Galerie (65) Mappe
Rignano sull'Arno, Via del Bombone
3.550.000 €

This spectacular Villa and Farmstead, whose features are absolutely unique, dates back to the 1400s, after which it was developed into a majestic Villa with tower progressively until the early 1900s. Although close to Florence the 46 hectares of land which encompass it give a true sense of privacy and peace. It benefits from close proximity to to one of the most important Fashion Outlets in Europe, "The Mall". Over time, given these the expansions, the architectural floor-planning became well integrated into the landscape. As a commercial plus we have wide access roads, internal parking areas, and all amenities tat may correspond to the latest needs of housing and business logistics. Its location in the context of the hills surrounding Florence, as well as the nearby services, sitting at just 18 km from Florence, 3.2 km from the train station that connects to Florence and the other main Cities, in addition to the A1 highway exit of Incisa, that lays just 9 km from the property. The complex, with about 3,000 square meters of buildings and 46 has of land, lends itself without difficulty to different hypotheses of private and commercial use such as an important "Vinicola Company" integrated and enhanced with a Hotel de Charme or apartments for a "Quality Farm" or for different initiatives of service for tourism and the outlet center. The property can also be divided into several bodies adjacent but independent and mutually non-invasive both in view and in logistics: one composed of buildings surrounded by about 10 hectares of land dedicated to the Hotel de Charme, the other from 35 hectares of arable land and commercially developed as "Vinicola and Agricultural Company". Potential commercial destinations In the property, the agri-tourism business and the Agricola Biodynamics, certified for over 25 years under the international brand "Demeter", have been taking place for 30 years and the recent renovations of the properties as well as the interventions on the land with the eradication of the old vineyards, were carried out with the aim of preparing it for a more modern, functional and profitable management , according to these two main addresses: 1) Hospitality: the property also has the size and charm of the period house suitable for its partial or complete transformation into a medium-sized Hotel de Charme and its location fully corresponds to the main parameters of active tourism of wide seasonality because it is adjacent to Florence and many other art cities as well as the valuable shopping centers and is well served by the railway and road network , as well as the availability of a private area for the helipad. Its architectural system allows you to derive in addition to the services, sports and wellness areas with the existing outdoor infinity pool (14x7m) with attached round hot tub, all with salt system), possibly an interior, as well as an adequate number of rooms, suites or apartments with valuable views, privacy and a charm guaranteed both by the different type and era of the properties that are partly in exposed stone view , both from the park, gardens and greenery surrounding the entire property, which is also served by a road forbidden to heavy vehicles that turns it into an oasis of peace. 2) Winery; Agricola Company: the property has the location, the land and the buildings with the charm of the "Old Cellars" that make it perfect to create a medium or large Wine Company integrated with the Hotel de Charme because, as a case, you can use the existing cellars, or expand them or make new ones, well integrated into the landscape. In this regard, it is important to point out that the primary companies in the sector base a part of their vineyards in the headquarters of the Cantina, on which they invest a lot in the location, architecture and image, and buy the best of the grapes or rent vineyards according to the levels of quantity and quality of their positioning on the market. The land of the property is of excellent quality and their location, in accordance with the reference disciplines, allows to produce both high-end wines, subject to discipline and production limits, such as the Chianti and Chianti Reserve DOCG "of controlled and guaranteed origin" as well as noble ones such as IGT Red or White and to complete the activity with biodynamic products such as the Vinsanto , oil, honey and jams. Vinicola activity: with the opportunity to start the cantina business immediately, integrating the grapes of the existing vineyard with those available on the market, it is evident that its potential ranges from small, medium to the large numbers of Rossi and Bianchi wines of the companies at the top of the sector and that these potentials can also be expressed with a targeted and diversified production. In this regard, the well-known winemaker Ugo Pagliai, appointed Italian winemaker of the year in America in 2014, asked to assess the potential of land, productivity and winery, confirmed their full correspondence to the production of high-quality red and white wines for international markets. Farm activity: This family-run business, billed just over 180,000 euros per year with a constant and positive increase in the sale of farm products and potentially, could double or more the revenue, completing the restoration in several apartments of the Tower and also renting the private ones currently used by the owners.

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