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Camilluccia 535 - Rom - sothebys.photo 1

Camilluccia 535 - Rom

"Camilluccia 535" is a project at international scale, a new vision of the home; innovation, technology and respect for the environment in a unique neighborhood.

An initiative aimed at those who are seeking comfort in a high-level context, to purchase a new home of unquestionable architectural quality that offers technologically advanced solutions with the best energy class.

The property complex is sustainably built with many services within a park of 3,000 square metres, rich in rare tree species. Developed on 4 levels in addition to the parking and cellars floor. The building includes 3 bright representative residences, facing through large floor-to-ceiling windows onto spacious terraces. These house the private swimming pool for the apartment on the last floor and hydromassage for the other two. The interior design has been taught ad-hoc for each residence, maximising privacy and guaranteeing unparalleled construction technique and quality of the materials selected.

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