Living in first class

Highest energy classification: A4 and cutting-edge domotics

Highest energy classification: A4. This is due to the wise use of an integrated and complex system of renewable sources and cutting-edge technologies: the photovoltaic, on the one hand, and the construction technique of the walls, pavements and fixtures, on the other. 

It also has high soundproof characteristics that make it possible to improve living comfort and sleep quality. 

Smart home and connectivity

At Camilluccia 535, security, comfort and energy savings of your home become smart, thanks to the interconnected management of all the systems. 

Through a smartphone or tablet it is possible, even remotely, to keep everything under control and create real, customizable scenarios that simultaneously activate multiple functions: configure the home theater system and home automation, regulate lighting and temperature of each room, use household appliances and manage consumption loads as well as control alarm and video surveillance systems.